Journey of Olive

First of all, we would like you to know that we only feed our trees with natural spring waters and harvest the fruits early. And also we do the collecting one by one by our expert gardeners and we make maximum effort so that the trees do not get wasted. The trees are like children, who want to break the wing of their own child!

Collected olives are carried with special safes that will not make fustiness and air is provided until the pressing. You will feel the importance of this when you taste it.

It has a value to press the olive fruits without any wasting. Cold pressed without oxygen contact increases the calorie value of olives. We can proudly say that we have kept our oils after pressing in shadow by transferring them to our stainless and oxygen-free tanks. In this way, Troy Organics oils claim to be the oils with the most specific acid and polyphenol values.