Turkish Style Breakfast İs The Healthiest

Turkish Style Breakfast İs The Healthiest
A study conducted in the USA made an important conclusion about the relationship between diabetes and breakfast.
Accordingly, the risk of life loss due to cardiovascular diseases 69%, and the risk of death from diabetes increase doubled in those who prefer dinner instead of breakfast. Endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydın said, “When we say healthy eating, we can give an example of Turkish type breakfast. The breakfast type, which consists of olives, olive oil, greens, tomatoes and cucumbers, is a combination of nutrients necessary for health. ”
Professor Dr. Hasan Aydın declared that the number of diabetes patients is a dangerous rise in the world and pointed to the results of research. According to WHO’s research, the number of people with diabetes rose 422 million in 2014.
He said “We have the results of a study investigating the effects on the risk of death of which meals we consume. During this study, the effect of breakfast or dinner preferences in dietary habits on the risk of loss of life was investigated observing 4700 people for 10 years.
As a result, when we compare those who consume dinner as a main meal and those who consume breakfast as a main meal, it is observed that the risk of death increases 69% due to cardiovascular diseases and doubled the risk of diabetes-related death.

“Carbonhydrate Contents In Breakfast Should Not Be Hıgh”
Professor Dr. Aydın continued as follows: “When we say healthy eating, we can give Turkish breakfast as an example. The breakfast type, which includes olives, olive oil, greens, tomatoes and cucumbers in our breakfast, consists of a combination of nutrients necessary for health. The point to be considered here is that the carbohydrate content is not high. Foods such as jam and honey should not be consumed much, it should be limited to 1-2 slices of bread, and it should be preferred from bread types that are more fibrous. Perhaps it would be better to choose home made bread instead of ready-made white bread. It is necessary to take some carbohydrates at breakfast, but when doing this, it is necessary to pay attention to its weight, and refrain from refined products. If you consume bread made from white flour, this is an unhealthy diet. Instead, it is necessary to choose bread made from oats, wholemeal and a mixture of them.

“The Bıggest Mıstake, Do Not Have Breakfast”
“The biggest mistake is not having breakfast. Most people start the day without breakfast. However, our body is dealing with repairing some of our cells and losing energy all night long. Not having breakfast while starting the day with that loss of energy actually causes our body's energy to decrease further. The cause of death in 40 percent of patients is a heart attack or stroke ”.

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