Our Sources of Pride in Olive Japan 2020


Troy Organics proudly announces the Turkish brands that won an award from our country in Olive Japan 2020.

Olive Japan evaluated a total of 700 extra virgin olive oil from 23 countries. At the end of the competition, 9 brands were awarded with the best of show 2020, 284 brands were awarded with gold and 275 brands were awarded with silver.

A total of 15 companies from Turkey Olive Japan won gold and silver medals in 2020. 9 of them were awarded with a gold medal and 16 with a silver medal.

Here are the awarded Turkish companies:

Gold Winners

Hermus Trilye

Kisthane 02

Olea Mea Private Select

Nermin Hanim Aci Biber Cesnili

Novavera Hayat

Novavera Beylik

Novavera Yamalak Sarısı



Silver Winners

Alhatoglu Kidsolio


Hermus Arbequina

Hermus Ayvalik

Hermus Mediterranean Blend


Kisthene Gurme


Novavera Trilye


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