Olive Japan 2020 Winners will be Announced on 11 June

Olive Japan 2020 Results will be Announced on 11 June

The winners of Olive Japan 2020 will be announced on June 11. Olive Japan is the second largest international extra virgin olive oil competition in the world. It is being held since 2012.

The winners will be announced on the official website of Olive Japan June 11. Also a special event will be organized at the "Olive Market" fair, which will be held in Tokyo between 22-27 July.

OSAJ decided to held Olive Japan in Tokyo this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was helding annually in Kagoshima and will be helding Kagoshima in 2021 again.

The major reason of this change is to maintain the quality of the olive oil samples sent by the competitors. Because Covid - 19 pandemic causes some delays in logistics. This also causes negative environmental conditions such as high temperature for the samples.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has the best quality among the other olive oils. It is produced with the method of cold pressed. Extra virgin olive oil has;

  • lower level of oleic acid (no more than 1%)
  • aroma, flavour and color of olive
  • no no bitterness
  • antioxidants and anti-inflammatories
  • natural vitamins and minerals than the others
  • no free radicals
  • health benefits


Olive Japan Entry Requirements

For participation in the contest;

  • The candidate products should be extra virgin olive oil. They should be in harvest period of the between May 2019 and April 2020,
  • Being a commercial product currently on the market
  • Candidates must be an individual producer, producer association or an authorized distributor.

Extra virgin olive oil samples;

  • 3 pieces of 500/750 ml
  • 2 pieces of 1000 ml
  • 4 pieces of 200/250 ml
  • or 7 pieces of 100/150 ml should be sent to the competition



Jury members smell taste and touch extra virgin olive oil samples for smell, taste qualitative and tactile sensations. Then they evaluate their densities.

  • Silver Medal for scores of 65 and above,
  • Golden Medal for scores of 76 and above,
  • Premier Medal for score of 86 and above also recommended by 8 or more than jury members are entitled to receive .


In addition, the special jury awards are presented for the following competition titles:

  • Toshiya Tada (President of Japan Olive Oil Sommelier Association) Special Sommelier Award
  • Best Olive Oil by Country
  • Best Flavored Olive Oil


Japan Olive Oil Sommelier Association

The Japan Olive Oil Sommelier Association founded in 2005 by Toshiya Tada. He is also currently the president of the association. OSAJ has over 1800 members according to 2018 data. In addition to academic studies and research, the association also conducts school programs.

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