London International Olive Oil Competitions 2020

We would like to announce that Troy Organics will compete in London International Olive Oil Competitions (London IOOC) in the categories of quality and design.

 Troy Organics is a young olive oil producer and invited to London IOOC, which is a great honor for us.

 We are impatient and hopeful!


 London International Olive Oil Competitions 


London IOOC, the largest Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition is Europe and  will be held between June 18-20 in London.


The results of the contest organized by Confexpo Ltd will be announced in newspapers and with press releases. The award ceremony will be held on Sunday, July 12 at 18:00.


The main purpose of the competition is to increase the brand awareness of the competitors in different categories.

 London IOOC consists of four main categories. These categories are:


  • Quality
  •  Health
  •  Design
  •  Infused (Flavoured)



 The goals of this category are;

  •  Informing  interested parties about olive oil production, supporting  the use and consumption of olive oil and maintaining its quality.
  •  Increasing awareness of the positive effects of olive oil on health in the food and beverage industry and among young consumers.
  •  Introducing the taste differences of olive oils produced with a high level of knowledge


Evaluation criteria :

 Acidity, olive oil, peroxide value, K232 nm, K270 or 268 nm and D-K values are taken into consideration in the quality competition.


 Health Claim

 London IOOC also aims to support the production of high phenolic EVOOs (extra virgin olive oil), which has health-protecting properties.



 The health claim competition organized for this purpose consists of two parts.

 In the first part, chemical evaluations are made. The major phenols levels in olive oil are analyzed in accordance with Regulation 432/2012. The phenols measured are: oleacein, oleocanthal, oleuropein aglycon (monoaldehyde and dialdehyde forms), ligstroside aglycon (monoaldehyde and dialdehyde forms).

 The total of the phenolic ingredients will be scored between 0 and 100 and will determine 70% of the total score.

 Chemical assessment will be carried out in a laboratory environment with all the necessary conditions.

 The second part is about the organoleptic tasting.

 Jury members score the organoleptic tasting between 0 and 100, and this section determines 30% of the total score.



 In this competition category, all candidate olive oils must have the proper conditions for taste and be packaged ready for sale.


 Each jury member focuses primarily on the general image presented by the olive oil packaging. In the next stage, features such as label, bottle, other material of packaging, innovation, colors are evaluated.


 Award categories are label award and product overall image award.

 This category of London IOOC provides benefits such as marketing strategy, product differentiation and approval by opinion makers for candidates.


Infused (Flavoured)

 In the past decade, in parallel with other developments in the food and beverage industry, different ingredients have been included in extra virgin olive oil. Thus, infused olive oil created a new market. Important ingredients are garlic, bacillus, chili, truffle oil and real fruits. In time, these infused extra virgin olive oils contributed greatly to the presentation of delicious salads, pastas, and the preparation of great appetizers.


 The awards find their owners according to the following points:

Platinum Awards: extra virgin olive oil scored between 95.5 and 100 points

Gold Awards: extra virgin olive oil scored between 85.5 and 95 points

Silver Awards:extra virgin olive oil scored between 75.5 and 85 points

Bronze Awards: extra virgin olive oil scored between 65 and 75 points


Resource: London IOOC

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