How to Marinate Meat with Olive Oil

It is everyone's dream to eat as good a meat as in restaurants at home. However, it is not easy to cook good meat at home. Many small factors can change the flavor of your meat, such as the quality of the meat, marinating, and cooking. But, of course, it is possible to cook a delicious meat in your home by following little tricks. You can also cook delicious meats by applying these tips.

The Quality of Meat

The quality of the meat is very important. You can always buy meat that suits your taste from a butcher you trust. You can guarantee its freshness by consulting your butcher. Meat that is not fresh will be both tasteless and tough. This is a situation you will never want to experience while eating your meat.



If you marinate your meat before cooking, you will add flavor to its taste. The best chefs always recommend a good meat marinade. The most important ingredient you will use for marinade is natural olive oil. Put your meat in a bowl and pour olive oil on it. Then add lemon, thyme, black pepper, cumin. The longer your meat stays in the marinade, the softer and tastier it will be while cooking. You can also marinate your meat with milk to better smell it. For this, after sprinkling olive oil, you can add milk, black pepper and thyme to soften your meat even more and you can get its smell better.



Your meat is ready to cook. So how are you going to cook? It is very important to have a griddle pan for frying meat at home. Sealing your meat in a griddle pan is the ideal method of cooking meat. After sealing both sides, if your meat is a thick piece, you can keep it in the oven for a while and let it cook a little more.

With the right marinade and cooking techniques, you can now cook meats that will make chefs jealous at home.

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