What is Early Harvest Olive Oil? What are its features?

Early harvest olive oil is obtained with flavors collected before normal time. The most important factor that distinguishes this olive oil from the other is that it is obtained from unripe green olives. Olives are collected in September and October. As a result of the processing of olives with their green shape, oils are prepared that add flavor to your tables. Early harvest olive oils, which stand out with their fruity aroma, doubles their flavor with their high aroma and low acidity. In this type of oil, it may not be easy to reach the desired amount of product because the olives are collected before they mature and are not oiled sufficiently. More early harvest olives are needed for a standard amount of olive oil. Considering the amount and oil ratio of olives, you may encounter higher prices for early harvest products. Such processes are needed because the fruity aroma of olives appears in the early harvest period. In addition to this, a more nutritious oil is obtained because it contains many vitamins and minerals in fruity form. One of the most important features of early harvest olive oil is that it is consumed in a short time. If you do not consume this pulp oil in 6 months, olive oil may deteriorate.


Early Harvest Olive Oil Production Stages

One of the most important items of your table is delicious and nutritious oils. Olive oils collected in the early harvest period is one of them. This olive oil differs from other natural oil varieties with its method of production and content. First of all, young olives are preferred and all fruits are carefully picked. Every detail is considered in order not to be damaged and products are transported through crates. Since the concept of time is of particular importance when preparing olive oil, it is ensured that the products are squeezed without wasting time. Thus, the first production journey of early harvest olive oil begins.

Cooking with Early Harvest Olive Oil

Olive oil adds the finishing touch to many dishes, especially salads. Since some dishes are made with olive oil, you may want to keep them in the kitchen at any time. Early harvest olive oils take their place in your kitchens with their distinctive fruity aroma. You can catch the same flavor and aroma in early harvest products as in other olive oil varieties. You can reach the taste you are looking for with early harvest olive oil at breakfast and appetizer style meals. A fruity touch can be made with early harvest olive oil, especially on salads and dishes served cold. If you want to enjoy the intense smell and taste of olive oil, you can choose it in oven, grill and stove dishes.

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