Olive Dictionary

We can briefly define the traditional terms used for olive and olive oil since ancient times.

Archimedes Screw: A worm screw that was used for the first time in the Roman period and used to control power in presses.

Bear (Bull, Aries): A triangular shaped female piece for tightening at the end of wooden screws.

Press bag: A rectangular envelope or round bowl made of goat hair or jute, which is used in the production of traditional olive oil and used to fill olive paste to press.

Canalis et solea (Latin): System for breaking olives by pushing the roller stone back and forth over a rectangular mount.

Cato Press: The system that provides pressure by moving the plate with the pulley system connected to one end of the levered press.

Hell Pit: A series of pools in olive oil factories, built in accordance with the principle of compound containers, where black water is collected to collect the oil in it before it is released; thief pit.

Shaper vise: The name given to single screw fixed press in Aegean villages.

Elai (Greek): The olive tree belonging to the people.

Early Harvest: Olive oil squeezed from olive fruits collected before full ripening and has a dominant fruity taste and greenish color.

Hydraulic press: A system that enables the squeezing of pressure bags by moving the piston inside a cast shaft upwards with pressurized water and force.

First Press: Olive oil obtained by squeezing olive paste bags in the first press without hot water in traditional olive oil production.

Leveraged - weighted press: The system in which weight stones are attached to one end of the lever press and the weight of the plank is increased.

Black water: The residue left after separating the olive oil from the liquid extracted from the olive paste by pressing.

Lampante: oleic acid ratio more than 3.3% and / or gustatory defective oil.

Cold press: The system obtained without hot water in traditional olive oil production technology.

Strictores (Latin): Olives collected by hand from the tree.

Super press (dry press, steel press): The system that squeezes the circular pressure bags with hydraulic system and without using hot water in one go.

Natural first olive oil: Natural olive oil with 2% fatty acid at most.

Second Natural Olive Oil: Natural olive oil with a maximum fatty acid content of 3.3%.

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