6 benefits of drinking 1 spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning

Olive oil contains antioxidant elements that prevent damage caused by harmful substances in our body, as well as fatty acids that are of great importance for human beings.


  • When phenolic compounds in olive oil are combined with oleic acid, they inhibit the growth of cancer cells by suppressing uncontrolled cell proliferation. Oleic acid reduces the production of bile acids, which are particularly effective in the formation of large bowel cancer, and ensures the integrity of the mucous tissue.


  • Olive oil, which contains vitamin E and selenium, is known as one of the most effective natural remedies against arteriosclerosis and heart attack. It also has a protective effect on vascular walls and heart tissue.



  • Olive oil reduces malignant cholesterol, balances blood sugar. It also helps increase benign cholesterol that protects vascular health.


  • Olive oil wraps the stomach with a protective layer, reducing stomach acid, helping to protect against gastritis ulcers and reflux.


  • Olive oil, which contains antioxidant substances that play a favorable biological role in destroying molecules and free radicals that are effective in aging and prolonging the average life span, renews cells and retards the aging of tissues and organs.


  • Olive oil; helps mineralization and natural development of bones, accelerates strengthening, helps calcium absorption; plays an important role during growth and preservation of bone resorption.



Source: International Olive Council (IOC) publications

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